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163 Research Parkway, meriden, ct 06450

LaRosa Earth Group, LLC (LEG) was founded in Meriden, CT in 2004 by James and Robert LaRosa. LEG’s focus is on sitework and excavation, including all related earth moving tasks such as:

  • Site Grading & Excavation
  • Material Transportation
  • Underground Utilities
  • Drainage
  • Roadway Construction
  • Sidewalks
  • Landscaping
  • Tree Removal

LEG performs work throughout the State of Connecticut, employing full-time employees including equipment operators, laborers and drivers, who operate and maintain a fleet of equipment and vehicles. In addition to the equipment owned by LEG, our line of credit allows us to immediately purchase or lease any additional equipment which may be required for a new project. Our employees possess all necessary licenses for the work they perform.

LEG’s business model is based on two core principles:

SERVICE to our Clients
SAFETY of our Employees

We provide superior responsive service to our clients and have over 30 years of experience running a successful, family-owned construction company.  We listen to our clients and make sure that the project goals, schedule and budgets are clearly spelled out in our contracts, eliminating any question regarding what we are expected to deliver.

LaRosa Earth Group places the safety of our employees, our clients, and the general public ahead of any other concerns. Our employees receive training on safety standards and practices, and our supervisors incorporate safety into daily planning and practices. We have received multiple awards for our safety plans and for our superior safety record.